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Regaining your physicality


The 2-day workshops encompass subjects that present obstacles most people face in daily life. Each workshop focuses on a specific subject in order to affect one's way of being when relating to it.

Through theory and practical exercises the workshops teach an approach or a way of dealing with each subject. You can then apply the tools you acquire in real life situations.

The learning includes possibilities of training on your own—regularly or as often as you wish—to achieve practical results, such as changing recurring physical conditions, breaking habits, stopping unwanted moods or taking a further step toward realizing a goal.

Transforming Pain

Attention & precision
to achieve body awareness

Ordinarily pain appears in people's life as a source of suffering. There is a constant effort to avoid, overcome and explain pain, and the wish that we could rid ourselves of it altogether. And yet, pain is here to stay. In this workshop you learn to recognize your habitual way of dealing with pain and to shift your attention to the body. No matter what kind of pain you are dealing with – physical, of the heart, emotional – the readiness to experience it fully in the body with no preconceived ideas about it would allow for a transformation.

Riding Fear

Fear is an inseparable part of being alive. It keeps us awake, calls our attention to the moment; it may point out a danger or a challenge. We have met it since the beginning. Often our past encounters with fear and the conclusions we drew as a result dictated who we are today. They still determine what we dare to be or do. If we knew how to stop being afraid of fear or seeing it as something bad, we could benefit from the energy that comes with it. This workshop focuses on the learning required to achieve that.

Towards Silence

Movement and sound
as a way to silence

Silence is a natural ability of the body. It is defined by the decrease, or the absence, of noise. If we wish for silence, we need to strive for it constantly, because it is easy to lose. We can actively achieve it in any situation and at any time of the day. The workshop deals directly with the different kinds of noise, some which function as a constant background, others which peak in situations where we need silence the most. By experiencing different depths of silence, you will discover how it affects your level of energy, clarity and vitality.

To Simply Feel

Feelings are an integral part of our life, and yet we rarely experience them as being simple. There are good and bad feelings, wanted and un-wanted ones, feelings that lead to other feelings. We tend to have a limited range of emotions that we feel over and over again. They are known and only repeat what we habitually feel no matter what the situation is. The purpose of the workshop is to allow you to experience the myriad of possible human emotions, simply and physically. You'll learn "To Simply Feel" – whatever naturally arises from each situation.

Using Personal History

The way we carry our personal history affects our present and future. Our history could be a source of power, give recognition to our abilities, allow us to learn from our mistakes and strengthen our resolve regarding different matters. Often though, the way we perceive our history becomes a burden and leaves us with a limited range of options. We have regrets, sorrows, blame and guilt; we would like it to be different.

In the workshop, with each memory, event or conclusion you work with, you will be able to recognize a change in how you relate to it. The change may appear in the way you feel about it, the amount of details you remember, in your conclusions as a result of it, and more. With time and practice, you will stop seeing current situations as if they were a repetition of your past.

To Will

We are all born with a will. Over the years, life circumstances, education and our surroundings all have their effect on it, molding our will into what we would relate to as being strong or weak. We end up sure that what we want and how we go about getting it is the only alternative we have; it is as if our will were finite, defined and formed. The workshop teaches that we can exercise our will and come to trust it. We can learn how to let it manifest in a healthy way, without the limitations of our past; to will with everything that we are as humans - our mind, our body, our fear, our needs and wishes.


More workshops

Teachers and trainers may offer additional workshops that focus on a specific theme other than those covered by the workshops above.
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