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The art of touching people's lives
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Professional Studies

The Grinberg Method studies lead to a rich and exciting profession that includes diversity, depth and the opportunity to work with people in an independent, powerful, human and dynamic way.

Throughout the studies, you learn to touch people with richness, intensity, curiosity and attention with the aim of touching their lives. Your goal is to support your clients’ personal development and well-being.

As a Grinberg Method practitioner you train in order to evolve, both personally and professionally. You will develop and continuously enhance your ability to perceive and concentrate, while also improving your physical strength, agility and flexibility.

The 3-year program to become a practitioner is currently offered in Austria, Germany, Italy, Spain, and Switzerland. Graduates of the program can participate in international courses as part of their advanced studies. In addition, there is the possibility to acquire further professions as a trainer or teacher of the Grinberg Method.
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