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International Association of GM Practitioners

The IAGMP is an independent organization that was initiated by qualified practitioners who had been practicing the Grinberg Method for a long time. It operates under permit of the Grinberg Method®. Membership in the association is open only to qualified practitioners – those who have successfully completed the professional studies and met all established graduation requirements.

Members agree to adhere to the Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct of Grinberg Method practitioners. They are supervised annually and uphold the Grinberg Method discipline of continuous professional and personal development.

Some of the goals of the IAGMP are:

  • Overseeing and ensuring the quality, ethics, professional conduct and professional training of the members’ practice and service.
  • Creating a global international network of practitioners and students of the Grinberg Method.
  • Encouraging the awareness and breaking of cultural borders and habits and their effects on the practitioner’s professionalism to ameliorate their abilities to adapt, become more of an individual and be able to communicate beyond these borders.
  • Promoting the Grinberg Method as an educational method, which is based on one’s perceptions, intentions and conduct, to achieve prevention, recuperation, well-being and one’s personal aims.
  • Allowing cooperation and exchange of knowledge with individuals and structures, which share mutual intentions and vision with the Grinberg Method.

To find a practitioner, who is either a teacher or trainer in your area, please go to Find us.

For an extensive list of qualified practitioners near you, who are recommended by the Grinberg Method’s Committee for Continuous Professional and Personal Development, please visit the IAGMP website:

The websites also detail the current students of the studies of the Grinberg Method together with their respective stage of study.

Please note:  If you have questions regarding the qualifications of any professional claiming to be a practitioner of the Grinberg Method, contact

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