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The structure of the Grinberg Method includes three professions—qualified practitioner, licensed trainer and licensed teacher. Each profession allows its graduates to offer further options of activities within The Grinberg Method, starting with one-on-one sessions, followed by group work and teaching the profession.

Qualified Practitioner

Qualified practitioners are individuals who want to work with people and teach them to develop their distinctive qualities, create a wanted change and be healthier. They uniquely adapt to each client, rather than offer a prescription of how clients could better themselves. 

Qualified practitioners have met all of the graduation requirements after completing the three years of studies. They work as independents with clients, offering one-on-one processes. For their personal and professional development, practitioners are advised to continue with advanced studies and become members of the practitioners' association in their country.

Licensed Trainer

Grinberg Method trainers are qualified practitioners who have the ability to work with groups. They have the wish to expand the possibility of learning —provided by the Grinberg Method—to a wider audience. They offer the method’s various group activities and processes.

Qualified practitioners who wish to join the Trainers’ Program need to demonstrate that they have assimilated the concepts behind the Grinberg Method and mastered its techniques and exercises.

They are also required to work as full-time professionals for at least a year following their graduation, and they are expected to show an ongoing personal and professional development.

During the three stages of the Trainer’s Program, the participants develop skills of communication, group dynamics, leadership and the ability to convey a learning experience in a group. An emphasis is given to the in-depth understanding of the method’s concepts—to be implemented in the building of manuals for new learning possibilities, including workshops, classes and groups.

Upon successful completion of the program, trainers receive a yearly license to use the principles and aspects of the Grinberg Method in the activities they lead. They work as independent professionals responsible for the promotion, management and the carrying out of these activities.

The Committee for Continuous Professional and Personal Development of the Grinberg Method, headed by Avi Grinberg, renews the license annually. This is contingent upon the following conditions:

  • A yearly supervision
  • Participation in the annual international trainers’ meeting
  • Compliance with the Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct

This profession allows trainers to specialize in subjects of personal interest to them and develop and lead group activities that focus on these subjects.

Licensed Teacher

Teachers of the Grinberg Method are selected from the group of trainers, as they have the skills required to teach the profession. Their professional vision includes training new students to become practitioners, who may then contribute to people’s lives and well-being.

Trainers who wish to become teachers must have the experience of leading groups successfully. They need to demonstrate the qualities necessary to follow students and their development over an extended period of time. They are also expected to be able to serve as a personal example to their future students professionally and ethically.

The initial stage of the teachers’ training prepares participants to teach the first year of studies. It emphasizes the in-depth learning of the core concepts of the profession, mastering of its practical elements and how to follow the professional development of a practitioner. The training also highlights the development of the teachers’ ability to maintain a balance between their demand and acceptance from the students.

Upon successful completion of this stage of training, teachers receive a yearly license and can open a school as independent professionals to teach the first year of the studies. To expand their license and teach the remaining stages, teachers must acquire further experience and training.

The Committee for Continuous Professional and Personal Development of the Grinberg Method, headed by Avi Grinberg, grants the renewal of the license. This is contingent upon the following conditions:

  • A supervised process, which aims to ameliorate or change personal qualities or weaknesses, to constantly improve one’s abilities as a teacher
  • Participation in the biannual teachers’ meetings and in other professional training activities
  • An ongoing supervision as a teacher, on the professional level
  • Compliance with the Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct

Teachers of the Grinberg Method are expected to take their work from the level of a trained professional to that of an artist.
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