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About the Founder

Avi GrinbergAvi Grinberg discovered early on that he had a natural ability to touch people’s hurts, heal them and ultimately affect their overall well-being. As a young adult, he began to work professionally with people.

Looking for a way to implement his natural talents, and being largely self-taught, he immersed himself in the study of human behavior.

Parallel to acquiring the theory, he explored the practical techniques that were offered, studying different forms of massage, bodywork and somatic therapies. To develop qualities of relaxation, quietness and concentration, he practiced meditation, yoga and martial arts. He also worked as a paramedic for two years, accumulating some medical experience.

During his travels he was fortunate to meet ethnic healers from Bedouin tribes in the Sinai Peninsula and tribal doctors in South America. Through these experiences he learned an entirely different perspective on how to heal a person.

After a decade of working with people, Mr. Grinberg experienced a sense of frustration and futility from the fact that people became entirely dependent on him for their well-being. He noticed a pattern had emerged: after their recuperation those he had worked with would return to their lives, and months later they would come back with the same condition, often in a worsened state. He recognized that in order to heal successfully, individuals had to become personally involved in their healing and recuperation process.

It was at this point that he set aside his previous knowledge and determined how he could best teach people to heal themselves. Having a deep respect for the human capacity for self-healing and realizing that this capability had been forgotten, he decided to change his profession from therapeutic healer to teacher.

After practicing this new approach for a few years, he was asked by a group of people to teach them what he did. What he had been exercising naturally became a methodology—The Grinberg Method. He developed this method in order to train others to become practitioners, so they could teach individuals to improve their well-being and create the changes they wished for in their lives.

He opened the first school of The Grinberg Method in the late 1980’s in Israel.

Today, he continues his pursuit of personal and professional development, learning more about human behavior and using this to further develop aspects of The Grinberg Method. He trains and supervises the method’s teachers and trainers.

Avi Grinberg is the author of several books including Holistic Reflexology (1989) and Foot Analysis (1993). His book, Fear, Pain and Some Other Friends (1994), presents the basic concepts of the Grinberg Method and offers practical ways of incorporating them into daily life. The Magician’s Call (1998) is his first book of fiction. These books were translated into several languages.
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