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In this page you will find practitioners who are also licensed teachers and trainers of the Grinberg Method and the various group activities they offer. The teachers and trainers maintain an annual license, have the appropriate insurance, participate in ongoing education and training and agree to uphold the professional code of ethics of the Grinberg Method.

In both searches, the names of the countries and cities appear in English.

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Start by selecting a country. Then select from the list of cities where there currently are licensed teachers and trainers.

If you do not find a city in your vicinity, contact the association in your country for a complete list of qualified practitioners and current students of the Grinberg Method.

If the country you look for does not appear or there is no association, contact


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Please note:    Any professional claiming to be a representative or practitioner of the Grinberg Method that you find outside of this network is not adhering to our professional and ethical standards. If any concern remains, please contact us directly at
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