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Group Process

A group process includes lectures and discussions, which enable the understanding of concepts, both theoretically and in their manifestation in one's life.

This understanding enhances the experience and the learning achieved through the body and will allow participants to intentionally implement what they learn, in daily life.

While the one-on-one process may give the emphasis of experience to a specific element to fit to the individual's need, the group process will cover all the elements involved in its particular subject. This creates a challenging pace of learning within a pre-defined structure.

The common interest within the group adds to the intensity of the experience and enhances the individual's perception of the subject. Being able to observe others' experience widens the possibilities for each participant. The work in smaller groups within the group will creates scenarios that more accurately reflect life.

Learning to Be Well group

Trust, confidence, self-image, the ability to think, being responsible, being natural, are just some of the elements inherent in being human. They all affect who and how we are in any given situation, and as such, are crucial to our ability to be well.

Being well manifests in all areas of life, from friendships, partnerships and work to health, self-expression and success. So much is involved in our being well, that it requires aspiring for it, making a choice to go for it and being ready to learn, train and act towards it. Ultimately to discover that being well is neither a final destination nor reliant upon anything but one's self.

In each meeting of this group, the focus will be given to one of the above subjects and others, to enlarge our awareness and our physical experience of them and discover what it is that we are, do or don't do in relation to them. The group aims to give the possibility to actively choose and constantly act towards being well in the different domains of life.

Delving into a Subject

The following groups and others are an invitation to an in-depth investigation into a specific subject. As we are different, different subjects are a matter of concern, preoccupation or have an unwanted impact on us.

  • Saying “No” to people you love
  • Living the life I want
  • Breaking free from what is expected of you as a man
  • From self-image to self-confidence
  • Strong at the broken places
Learning to Be Well -
Demonstrating the effect of routines

Each group's subject acts as a prism through which the many aspects related to it will be uncovered, experienced and affected. The ultimate aim is to achieve a different point of reference, way of being and control in relation to the specific subject.

The groups are led by licensed teachers and trainers. All groups meet regularly and combine discussions, lectures, demonstrations, exercises (including descriptions done through writing) and at-home training possibilities. The number of meetings, their structure and duration vary for each group.
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