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Advanced Studies

All of the advanced studies are international courses offered to qualified practitioners and taught in English. There are two categories of coursesprofessional development and personal development as a practitioner.

The courses for professional development focus on specific subjects that are common and significant in many people's lives. The teaching expands the practitioners' perception and enhances their qualities, skills and abilities to work with clients in relation to these subjects.

The personal development courses address subjects that practitioners often encounter while practicing their profession and that could have a noticeable affect on their professional success.

Some of the course subjects are:
  • Avoiding power games with clientsólearning to demand with directness and respect
  • Communicating with ease
  • How to stop anger, guilt, jealousy and other emotions from being obstacles to a client's self-expression
  • Developing clarity and perception to expand your attention outside of yourself
  • Self image as a practitioner
  • Touching and teaching as a body and being what you teach

Advanced courses are regularly designed and developed by Avi Grinberg. Graduates can request the different subjects they would like to be taught.

Recovery Process Series

One of the major directions for qualified practitioners, which involves a specific methodology implemented within the one-on-one process, is working with Recovery Processes.

This 4-course series relates to the specific elements that affect people’s ability to recover from acute physical conditions and traumas. Using this methodology, practitioners aim to achieve the best conditions for the natural healing process of the body.

The series includes the following levels:

I  -  The basis of the recovery process methodology
II  -  Movement, stance and posture
III  -  Recovering from traumas and chronic conditions
IV  -  The role of the practitioner and client to accelerate recovery
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