Grinberg Method
An approach to life
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About the Grinberg Method

The Grinberg Method is a structured way of teaching through the body. It uses touch, breath, movement, physical exercises, description tools and techniques to increase one's ability to pay attention. To define what needs to be learned, the method combines each person's past experience with their present condition and wishes for the future. The aim is to attain greater health and more personal freedom to choose who and how to be in any given situation.

Whether you wish to stop suffering from physical pain, enhance your talents or develop your ability to bring your best to whatever you want to accomplish—with the Grinberg Method you will meet challenges such as:

  • Stopping routines that hinder you from realizing your wishes
  • Choosing to relate differently to the elements that appear with every change in life
  • Exercising your personal freedom

The Grinberg Method is built upon these challenges and other basic concepts. They appear in any kind of learning offered by the method.
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